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A Trusted CDMO with GMP certification who specializing in DEVELOPING and MANUFACTURING
INNOVATIVE Semi Solid Dermatology Products

Genero is an Indonesian based company under Arya Noble that specializes in Contract Development & Manufacturing or CDMO. Founded in the year 2000, both our production capacity and customer base have been growing steadily through the years. The year 2005 was marked with our first Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for our 1st Plant. In 2007, we expanded through the construction of 2nd Plant which became GMP certified in 2010.

about us


Through our commitment in creating INNOVATIVE Product and deliver it in world-class quality,
we will make sure our customer READY to flourish and grow together with us


We ensure the security of supply for our customer to be able to establish
solid platform of profit growth.


Genero as a GMP certified CDMO with the core competency in Dermatology
who specializing in developing innovative Semi Solid solutions.