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As a company with the core competency in dermatology, Genero has launched various skin products. A good understanding of the cycle and journey of diseases have helped us in developing innovative products that are dierent from other products in the market .

Our experience and expertise help the formulators and scientists foresee the trend or direction for the future of skin treatment.

Our product portfolio so far has spanned across a wide range of dermatological products from antihistamine, anti virus, antibiotic, anti fungal to anti acne, anti wrinkles, and anti pigmentation as well as products for the scalp and hair.

We are continuously working to expand our portfolio to establish a complete and comprehensive range of dermatological products.



In Genero, we believe in the "whole body skin concept" more than just focusing solely on facial skin. We believe that beautiful skin is reflected not only through facial skin but also through other areas of the body, such as the hands, legs, scalp, and hair. This belief has been the core of our
skin care & cosmeceuticals product developments

Our product categories to date include: facial skin care (night and day), eye cream, lip care, body and hands treatment, facial cleansers, moisturizers, and sun protection.

In addition to our "whole body skin concept", we have also developed a range of "skin protection system" which formulas include anti aging ingredients, antioxidant, and nutrients. All our products are developed with the latest technology and went through rigorous clinical tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness.


Our passion to improve people's quality of life has made us develop our skill and competency in the field of nutraceuticals – a specialized field that focuses on food or parts of food that provides medical or health benefits, both for prevention and treatment.

Our nutraceutical products are specially designed to cater to the specific Asian nutrient needs. Intensive literature studies have been conducted to ensure accurate composition of ingredients and amount of nutrients represented to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.